What it does

The AltaBase system allows any audit, inspection or checklist to be applied efficiently and accurately. Any problems detected will be monitored through alerts, emails and Action Plans.

Apply your Inspection

How it Works in Three Steps

Analyse in Real-Time

Alert and Follow Up


Apply Your Inspection, Audit or Checklist

Creating the Content

Create your own forms.


Import your Excel

spreadsheets, if any.


Short on time? We

can import your


Defining Responsibilities

Define WHO will fill inspections. You may include your suppliers.


Define WHEN inspections shall be filled.

Define WHAT should be inspectioned. Inspections may be on procedures, suppliers, equipment, personnel, etc.

Collecting Information

Those responsible for the activities will be notified.


The information can be collected through tablets, phones or desktops.


Work offline when internet connection is unavailable. Data will automatically sync when connected.


Apply Information In Real-Time

Graphs generated in real-time with information sent on-site.


Export your reports to Excel or PDF.


Parametrize the system to calculate the indicators (KPIs) of your company.


Display information online in the rooms and access points of your company with TVs.


Data consolidation - Check this simple math:

In a study we recognized that you save 90% of the time spent with data consolidation after the implementation of the system. Check this example from one of our clients, which spent an average of 10 hours/month with data consolidation.

Time and money spent unnecessarily

Hours (Consolidation)

How much does your company spends per month on data consolidation?

Do you know how much does it cost?

After a long time spent with consolidation, do you have enough time to analyze it?

Would like to compare your consolidation time and the analysis quality with the AltaBase system?

We prove it works!


Alert and Follow Up Spotted Problems

Real Time Consolidation

Time is a determining factor to reduce risk and cost. Save time by monitoring actions.


Quickly notify those involved by sending concise reports with pictures.

You can include your suppliers and service providers in these notification groups.

Have a log of all the company operations, where information is registered with date, hour, names, etc.

Reduce your response time to problems!

Risk Factor

The bigger your response time is, the greater are your risks of accidents, losses, etc.


Do you know which problems your company has right now?

Can you keep up with all the problems effectively?

Can you easily refer to solutions of past problems?

Do you want to reduce your response time and thus minimize risks and costs?


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