What is does:

The Expiration Management module allows your company to control recurring and non-recurring expiry dates in a very visual and simple way. Examples:

Trainings of employees or outsourced staff.                               Occupational medical exams.


Delivery proof of PPEs.                                                            Expiry of programs, licenses, insurances, contracts, etc...


Maintenance of machinery and equipment.                               Expiry of goods/products in general.

Control control everything visually and easily!


Create columns with the desired requirements, input the periodicity that each requirement has and how much in advance do you want to receive the alerts.

Add everything you with to monitor: employees, vehicles, contracts, subsidiaries, clients, etc.



Insert the dates and the system will automatically calculate the expiration of each item you wish to monitor.

Main Features

You will also have access to the following resources:

Receive emails when items are close to the expiration time and when they reach the deadline.

Attach files in each requirement to validate and control them with efficiency. Renew documents, trainings, etc.

Integrate the system with your access control, like ratchets, biometric system, etc. With an expired requirement, you can block the access of people or equipment.

Generate reports and graphs  with all the requirements that are expired or near the expiration date.

Create unlimited monitoring frames!

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